INUA Girls Group Mentorship forum on retrograsive cultural practises facing the girl child in the northern part of Kenya
INUA Girls Officials INUA Girls board meeting on strategy formation to rescue the girls impovished cultural practices
Empowermennt Forum INUA Girls members undertaking an empowerment forum in one of the organised seminor
Health Education Under the umbrella of PGI, INUA girls where enlightened on health care issues amoung other things
Strategic Planning The formation of a work around strategy that is set too define the core mandete of the organisation
Bonding Time Girls from three schools mainly Umusalama, Iftin and NEP Girls secondary schools having a bonding session


INUA is a swahili word that means UPLIFT. INUA girls group was formed in the year 2012 by a group of girls from dfferent secondary girls schools mainly Iftin, NEP and Umu-Salama girls. The group was later launched as a CBO (Community Based Organization) in the year 2013 with the help of a local Ngo (Pastoralist Girls Initiative). Our main aim is to try and address the local challenges that are beening faced by the marginalized pastoralist girl in the Northern Part of Kenya.

INUA GIRL'S Story Line

INUA Girls Group came into existence through its mother organization
Pastoralist Girls Initiative
. PGI carried out a series of leadership, mentorship skills to three secondary schools in Garissa namely Ummu salama, Iftin Girls and NEP Girls and it is through these trainings and capacity building process mostly on issues of GBV and Sexual reproductive health for adolescents.

It is through this empowerment processes that the girls felt it was time they enlighten other girls on their rights as enshrined in the constitution. Hence the girls formed this organization and had elections that chose the officials through a fair and free process.

Trip to America : INUA Girl's Experience

"Itwas a journey of experience,being my first time to ever board an aeroplane.At the beginning I was kinda afraid but I had to gather courage and give myself the GO spirit. I arrived at san fransisco Sunday afternoon and I took a long rest to make up for the long journey we had. On Monday we attended the pre - conference , whereby I was introduced to different advocaters and I learnt that women are really fighting despite their problems, and that every girl /woman should join the fight to achieve acknowledgement by the society. The next two days we attended the conference and I was amazed by the attendance and the special kinds of introduction. I was a panelist at The Forever Young session, I thought I couldn't do it but I got the power inside knowing that I am an INUA girl , from time to time in my speech I heard applauses and I knew I was saying the right thing. On Friday it was a very amazing day, ms Fatuma Kinsi, ms Annie Hiller and I went to Santa cruz to attend a meeting with the Fireflight Foundation and we talked about a lot of things and I think I was given a big chance to talk about INUA and also how my stay was like, It was an enjoyable day we took photos together beautiful photos I might add and they were very welcoming . And we had a wonderful drive thanks to Annie. During the evening we had another meeting at the Global Fund For Women, it was an interesting meeting. To round up my experiences I learnt a lot that my community really needs and teaching the girls of my society gives me the move to propagate their plight! Thanks to all those who gave us a welcome and also thanks to Mr Keith and ms Vanina.

My challenge was just that the weather was very cold which I wasn't used to because in my town it's hot most of the time and coming from a populated village it was more critical,the food also,I didn't find the foods I was used to but I came to like chicken nuggets, and thanks to the organisers for offering us halal food. I think that the kind of donors that would support to ensure that girls movement achieve their mandate are the donors that play the role of parents, who are ready to not just finance but lead the way for girls and who are willing to inspire,mentor , give them a long lasting financial back up, and check the accountability of those movements. The donors should be the strength of the girls movement for when a girl stands up to advocate for her rights it is not a cup of tea for her , she stumbles yet she stands firm and fight against all odds . such donors should interact with the movements they are funding and ensure that the girls are not walking alone, and they should give them the speech of "dear daughter "which gives the girls confidence thereby attracting and empowering so many girls leading to a successful achievement of their mandate. End quote: My advice to donors "Do not stretch your hands to give finance that lacks wisdom of education but stretch your hearts to give wisdom for the stretch of your hands isn't a priority"

Current Engagments

Health bill

INUA Girls Chairlady Miss Zeinab linked up with women representative of Garissa County into lobbying with guidance from PGI for the Sanitary Towel bill that was passed successfuly by the governor in the county assembly of Garissa. Cuurently we are awaiting for the safety and protection bill to be passed as law, the bill is currently at the debate level in the county assembly. this bill is aimed at addressing the numerous rape cases being experienced in the county of Garissa.

Security Bill

Cuurently we are awaiting for the safety and protection bill to be passed as law, the bill is currently at the debate level in the county assembly. this bill is aimed at addressing the numerous rape cases being experienced in the county of Garissa.

Transforming the Marginalized Girls

INUA Girls Group has grown from having 30 members to approximately 100 members whose mandate is to be mentors to other girls just like how PGI was a mentor to the 30 girls towards acquiring self worth, motivation and esteem in leadership at the school level and prospective leaders in the future within Garissa County.

Mentoring of other girls within the County is the sole mandate of INUA as marginalized pastoralist girls do not believe, that they have capabilities and potential to be greater people in the development of their society as they are meant to be seen and not to be heard and also a good source of economy in the family through early marriage.

Featured Cause

  • Gender Based Violence
    Every girl has a right to learn without fear of being hurt, teased, abused or bullied. Sadly though, this is not the reality for thousands of marginalized pastroal girls of North Eastern part Read more...
  • Early Child Marraiges
    The practice of child marriage violates girls' human rights, limits their education, and harms their health. But despite being forbidden by international human rights laws and.. Read more...
  • Girl Child Education
    Every day, girls are taken out of schools, married far too young, and subjected to violence in school. And yet, it's proven that with an education, girls can lift themselves from poverty Read more...
  • Fighting Against F.G.Ms
    The effects of FGM/FGC depend on the type performed, the expertise of the circumciser, the hygienic conditions under which it is conducted, the amount of resistance Read more...

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